Changing Life Digitally

Meet Disha Mehta,

Digital Marketer | Podcaster | Blogger

I am Disha Mehta, I tried best for my clients and readers investing time and money in my work then their goal should be applying tips and tricks by me that lead their business to the next height. 


Market Analysis

I help you untangle the process of marketing because marketing is not just advertising marketing need a solid strategy to stand out so I offer competitive analysis, the current need for marketing, to increase acquisition for your business.

Advertising Service

To spread your business & get a fast result, I refer to spent some money on Paid-Ads like Display Ads, Search Ads, Video Ads, Gmail Ads depends on the budget and requirement of the business to get maximum leads.

SEO Service

By providing SEO service, it helps to rank your website on the SERP page by applying google rank factors to optimize the duplicity of content and analysis of meta keywords, meta description, URL etc.that lead to improvement P.A & D.A score.

My Blog

To convey your thoughts and feelings writing a blog is best. I write blogs on Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a huge field to learn and gain knowledge. Through my blog, I tried to provide value to my readers and build relationships with them.


A Podcast is my audio version of Digital marketing, Where I talk about Digital Marketing in various episodes on my channel “Digital Mantram show.” I choose Podcast because via audio no need to spent a special time to listen, you can learn by doing anything.